Farmer Pam's Serve Well Garden

Farmer Pam will continue to use her green thumbs to grow vegetables for Project Outreach and Open Door. Last year her garden donated approximately 155 pounds of produce. This year Sandy Mull helped Pam add trellises for the beans and cucumbers to climb on for the garden. They purchased 16 foot wire panels to bend into a walk-through arbor making picking the vegetables easier. Thank you, Pam and Sandy for this wonderful addition to the garden.

Bed Preparation

Leaf Mulch

Add a layer of leaf mulch on top of the twigs, branches, and logs.

Topsoil Additives

Add compost and vermiculite to top soil.

Spread Mulch

Spread mulch between the raised beds. It helps keep the weeds away and makes a foot path.

Time to Plant

      • String Beans
      • Zucchini
      • Peppers - all colors
      • Banana Peppers
      • Cherry Tomatoes
      • Brandywine, Beefmaster, & Sungold Tomatoes

Separate Pots

For the Cucumbers

The Serve Well Garden has provided several deliveries of zucchini, cucumbers, and banana peppers to Open Pantry on Main Street in Royersford.

The Serve Well Garden continues to grow and provide fresh produce for food pantries

Pam recently donated 105 pounds of product!

The Serve Well Garden continues to flourish.